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Australian Shepherd puppies born 09.05.2020!
All puppies are spoken for!
C.I.B. N DK UCH BH-VT AD SPH-C NV-19 Eagermind Remember The Best.
For more information, check out planned litters.

Some stories should never end, and yours ended way too soon, and way too quick. I am left totally heartbroken, but also eternally grateful for all the memories we made together, all the people I’ve met, and the friends I’ve made thanks to you, and for all the kids and grandkids I have to remember you by. No words can describe the pain of having to let you go. Rest well, my angel 01.02.2009 – 26.11.2019
In loving memory of
BH Int Nord Uch NordV-08 SV-09 DKV-10 NVV-14 Andvaka Solaris
07.04.2005 – 09.07.2019